Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase conveyed through www.elveguiden.no

Elveguiden is a brand fully owned and operated by XperiTech AS.

An agreement on the purchase / rental of salmon fishing products / services and communicated via www.elveguiden.no is entered into directly between the provider of salmon fishing products / services (hereinafter referred to as "Landowner") and you.

XperiTech AS acts only as an intermediary between you and Landowner, by transferring the relevant information about the agreement / booking to Landowner and sending confirmation by e-mail for and on behalf of Landowner. XperiTech does not (further) sell, rent or offer salmon fishing products / services.

Information provided in connection with the performance of our service at www.elveguiden.no is based on the information provided by Landowner to us. The Landowner is held responsible at all times for the information displayed on www.elveguiden.no to be accurate, complete and correct.

XperiTech is not responsible for Landowners products / services presented on www.elveguiden.no. Any disputes related to the products / services presented and disseminated through www.elveguiden.no are irrelevant to XperiTech and must be handled directly between you and the Landowner. For some elections, however, XperiTech is stated as the contact person for any inquiries, and in such cases XperiTech will be the recipient of and respond to any inquiries on behalf of the Landowner.

When ordering and paying by credit card at www.elveguiden.no, it is accepted that XperiTech AS makes your personal information related to the purchase available to Landowner and XperiTech AS.

There is no right of withdrawal when ordering products / services through www.elveguiden.no.

When ordering through www.elveguiden.no, the terms Landowner sets, including the applicable rules for the relevant authority and river, are accepted at all times.